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  • Sullivan Tire is proud to announce a big sale on Goodyear and Kelly Tires! Throughout the month of July, all Goodyear and Kelly tires will be sold as Buy 3, get 1 FREE! Also – get a $60 mail-in rebate on the purchase of four select Goodyear Tires or a $120 mail-in rebate on a set of select Goodyear Tires with your Goodyear credit card! There is a great selection of Goodyear tires currently featured to fit your specific needs!

    The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar is a very versatile and tough tire that can go off road at a moment’s notice!


    Features and Benefits

    • Kevlar and Durawall Technology –Rugged strength for powerful off-road driving.
    • Traction Ridges and Open Shoulder Blocks– Clears mud and snow for off-road traction.
    • Biting Edges and a Rubber Compound- Best traction on wet and icy roads.
    • 20% Longer Tread Life Warranty- 60,000 miles absolutely guaranteed.


    The Assurance cs Fuel Max is an eco-friendly all season tire with great traction.


    Features and Benefits

    • Fuel-Saving Tread- Reduces energy loss as the tire rolls to save up to 2,600 miles over the life of four tires.
    • Wet Tread Zone with Duel Aquachannel Grooves- Improves water evacuation for gripping power on wet roads.
    • Cutting Edge Construction- Consistent traction and wear through various conditions.


    The Assurance CS Tripletred All-Season is one of the best all-season tires on the market for consistent traction in all conditions.


    Features and Benefits

    • Sweeping Tread Pattern- Water is evacuated more quickly for enhanced wet traction.
    • Ice Zone with Biting Edges- Enhanced gripping traction on icy slick roads.
    • Tread design Adapted for CUVs and SUVs- Confident traction in snow and rain as tire wears.The


    Wrangler SR-A is a great highway tire which gives great handling on wet roads. The quiet ride is trusted on leading pickup trucks.


    Features and Benefits

    • Zig-Zag Microgrooves- Enhanced traction in snow, ice, and rain.
    • Wide Circumferential Grooves- Help move water away from tread for enhanced traction in rain.
    • Exclusive Wet Traction Compound- Gives traction on wet roads.

    Book your appointment in July to capitalize on all of the great savings on ALL Goodyear and Kelly tires!

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