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  • Last week, the folks at Yokohama were kind enough to put together a Ride and Drive for Sullivan Tire Employees and I was one of the lucky participants.

    The day started with complimentary coffee and donuts before we got some detailed information and education into the types of products Yokohama sells.  We covered a wide range of tires, from the Avid family (the Ascent and ENVigor) Advan family (Sport Z.P.S., S-4, Sport V105, Neova and AD48) the S. Drive tire, the Parada Spec-X and the Geolander family of tires.

    After absorbing all of that knowledge, we were able to test out different tires on the Scion FR-S.  The four cars each had a different set of Yokohama tires installed, and we tested them in ascending order of performance.  A race track of cones had been set up, and we had a chance to ride in the passenger seat before trying our hand (and foot) at racing the course.

    Riding as a passenger felt longer than when I was racing around the cones as the driver.  My first ride was pretty successful; I made a decent time and was feeling rather confident about my second run… a little *too* confident it would seem.

    As I was about a quarter of my way through my second race around the race track, I took a turn too fast, knocking over multiple cones as I drove completely off the course. I cut back through more cones to get back on the track, all while yelling “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” to my laughing co-pilot.

    Once I finished the loop, we discovered that of the many cones I knocked over, two had gotten stuck under the car, and dragged along for the remainder of my race.

    Needless to say, I was much more focused on accuracy than speed during my third and fourth runs.

    After everyone had completed test driving the four different tires, the top five fastest male racers, and top three women racers, all competed one more race to see who was the ultimate winner.

    Everyone at the Ride and Drive had a great experience. Not only was it fun to race around the track, but we could actually feel a difference in the way the car handled the road on each set of tires.  It really enhanced our understanding, and appreciation, of the products we’d learned about earlier in the day.

    Thanks again to Yokohama for inviting Sullivan Tire to participate in such a fun event!

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