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  • It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, and the unofficial kick off to summer is a popular road trip weekend. For today’s Tire Tip Tuesday, we’ll go over what you need to check before heading out on the road. First, we’ll focus on tires, and then we’ll cover a few other car care basics to make sure your road trip is not only safe, but fun!

    1. Tire Inspection

    Check your tire’s air pressure, tread depth, and overall condition before heading out on a road trip. An under inflated tire will cause wear and tear on the outside edges, while driving on over-inflated tires will result in excessive wear on the center tread. If any part of your tire’s tread is at or below 2/32″ depth, the Department of Transportation (DOT) considers the tire as having reached the end of it’s useful life and should be replaced. You should also check your tires for any bulges or tears in the sidewall, as these are ticking timebombs when it comes to your tire’s safety. If you’ve got a spare, make sure it’s properly inflated and ready to use as well!

    Be Tire Smart!  Do Your P.A.R.T.

    Sullivan Tire will inspect your tire’s air pressure, tread depth and overall condition year round FOR FREE at any one of our 66 locations throughout New England.

    2. Car Checkup

    Now that your tires are set, what about the rest of your car? When was your last oil change? How are your brakes, belts, and hoses holding up? Are your transmission fluids at the right level? Our Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection (CVI) is a great way to give your vehicle an overall inspection, so that you know everything is working properly. The CVI helps to catch any issues that you may have encountered over the winter, and prevent anything from damaging your car down the line. 

    3. Fuel Up

    Gas prices go up around holiday weekends, so try to fuel up a few days before you hit the road.

    4.  Stay Charged

    Make sure your cell phone and GPS are fully charged, and that you have a car charger as well. You don’t want to get lost somewhere unfamiliar or be unable to call for assistance.

    5. Pack Snacks 

    Depending on where you’re going, and how long it will take to get there, you’ll probably want some snacks for the road, (and maybe need some caffeine to stay awake!)

    6. Entertainment

    Music? Podcasts? Games for kids? Whatever you need to get through a weekend road trip, make sure you remember it before you leave!

    You can check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas on how to make your upcoming road trip safe and fun!


    Is there anything we missed? Are you taking a road trip this Memorial Day Weekend?


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