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  • With another winter storm approaching this week, it’s important to be prepared for the challenges winter weather can cause, especially on the roads.  Here are a few simple and quick tricks to make sure you and you’re vehicle are ready for whatever the weather has in store.

    Before the Storm

    Check Your Tires: Your tires are the only thing keeping your car connected to the road, so you want to make sure that your tires can handle whatever surface changes (snow, ice, slush, etc) you may encounter. You can stop by any Sullivan Tire for a free tire inspection and air pressure check, to ensure that you’re ready and prepared for any impending road changes. If your tire treads are too worn to handle the demands of snow, we’ve got a Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale on in-stock, all-season Sailun Tires you can take advantage of.

    Prepare Your Windshield: You know how you only remember you need new wipers when it’s raining? Well that’s true for snow storms too!  Having good wipers is essential to keeping your windshield and visibility clear.  Also, you’ll go through a lot of windshield wiper fluid clearing away the falling snow, or salt and sand from treated roads. I personally proved this a few years ago, when went through an entire bottle of windshield wiper fluid in two days! So, make sure you’ve topped off your windshield wiper fluid, and have an extra bottle of fluid in the car, just in case!

    Fill It Up: Between taking a few extra minutes to warm up the car in the morning, to idling in slow moving traffic, you’ll go through more gas during a snow storm.  Plus, if the temperatures really drop, you could be at risk for gas line freeze up. Fill up your gas tank before a big storm, and try to keep your tank from dipping below the halfway point throughout the winter.

    After the Storm

    Peering out the window the morning after a storm, you may feel a rush of joy seeing bright, white, snow covering your neighborhood. That feeling will quickly fade when you remember you’ve got to dig out your car and clean it off before getting to work in the morning.

    If you’re like me, and not a “morning person”, you may feel the urge to rush through this final step in order to make it to work on time. However, no matter how cranky, coffee deprived, or late I may be, I always pay attention to the following:

    The Roof: We’ve all seen them. Those vehicles with a stack of snow about two feet high on the roof, barreling down the road. Sure it looks comical and rediculous, but it can also be very dangerous. That snow can freeze over, break off and hit another vehicle causing major damage. A few states have passed laws against driving with snow and ice on a vehicle, and for the sake of your fellow commuter’s safety, it’s always wise to clear your roof off.

    Lights: The instinct to clear your car for your own visibility is natural, but what about the visibility of other motorists? Clear your headlights and brake lights of snow and ice to improve your visibility, and help your vehicle be seen by other motorists.


    What other tips do you have for keeping your car safe and prepared during winter weather? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I swear by the Sno Brum my dad got me one year ( It’s basically a big swiffer for your car that clears all the snow off so easily! I can clean off my entire car (including the roof) in the amount of time it takes most people to clear off their windshield.

  2. Great tips! Thank you!

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