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  • Now that the storm weather has been properly dealt with, it may seem as though our commuting troubles are over. However, we live in New England and nothing weather-wise will ever be simple. Hence today’s post on potholes.

    Photo Credit: AP


    Potholes occur most often during the winter and spring, when the freezing and thawing of pavement is much more frequent. Over time, the freeze/thaw cycle causes pavement to crack and then deteriorate under the stress of traffic, giving way to potholes.


    If you happen to hit a really nasty pothole, you can do some serious damage to your suspension system, tires, and wheels; all of which affect how your car handles the road.  If you’ve hit a few potholes or are concerned about damage, come into any Sullivan Tire to get your vehicle checked out.


    Public Works road crews do a great job repairing potholes on the road, but sometimes they need your help finding areas to be fixed. Many cities have created ways for constituents to report potholes to their Public Works department where. For example, in Boston, you can call the Mayor’s 24 Hour Hotline (617-635-4500), make an online service request, or use the Citizens Connect App.


    How do avoid pothole damage? Have you reported a pothole to your city officials? Are there any other ways to alert Public Works to areas that need repairs? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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