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  • With New England’s wild weather on the way, it’s time to once again revisit why snow tires are a great option to help navigate the roads with confidence.  While all-season tires are a “jack-of-all-trades,” in order to fully realize traction capabilities, winter tires are the best option.  One common misconception is that winter tires only add value in inclement weather.

    In reality, the most significant difference a winter tire can make is when the temperature drops below 40-degrees Fahrenheit – regardless of precipitation.  Below 40-degrees an all season tire becomes stiff and inflexible.  A snow tire on the other hand has a softer rubber compound that stays malleable, allowing the tire to confidently bite the road.  The difference in rubber compounding allows winter tires to get 25-50% better traction in temperatures below 40-degrees.

    Another thing that separates winter tires from all-season tires is a deeper tread and higher lug-to-void ratio, which is the space between the tread blocks.  These features are the primary driver in improved traction in snow and slush.  Add in more sipes (the small grooves within the tread blocks) for better ice traction and snow tires truly are the best way to tackle a New England winter!

    Below you can compare the tread of the Dunlop Graspic DS-3 snow tire vs. the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max:

    Dunlop Graspic DS – 3 snow tire

    Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire

    So back to the question? Do you need snow tires? Here are a few reasons you might consider snow tires.

    1. You drive a rear wheel drive vehicle. Most vehicles today are either front wheel drive or all wheel drive. Rear wheel drive vehicles are notoriously bad in snowy weather. I’d highly recommend snow tires if you own a rear drive vehicle. And you should do ALL FOUR WHEELS!

    2. You own a high performance vehicle such as a BMW or Audi.

    3. You have to drive for work or you go to ski country often. Perhaps your a fire fighter or a nurse and it’s essential you get to work no matter the weather. Go with snow tires!

    4. You just want the extra confidence of driving on a true winter ready snow tire. Sometimes you just want to feel safe!

    If you think snow tires are a good option for you we have a wide selection of winter tires in stock. All of which are on a  Buy 3 Get 1 free special! Update: The Buy 3, Get 1 Free on winter tires has ended. However, we still have a variety of winter tires in stock.

    We stock a full line of snow tire brands including the popular Bridgestone Blizzak and Michelin X-Ice  Try our Live Chat during business hours if you need more help.

    So what’s your take? Do you use snow tires? Tell us why or why not!

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