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  • The Sullivan Tire team handed out our Red Sox magnets and spread Irish cheer down in Ft. Myers on St. Patrick’s Day! Paul Sullivan, VP of Sullivan Tire, greeted fans prior to the Red Sox game.

    Spring Training Magnet

    Spring Training St Patricks Day

    How are you celebrating the holiday? Do you have any traditions? Leave us a comment below!

  •  #tbt to Spring Training at JetBlue Park in Ft. Meyers, FL!

    #tbt to Spring Training at JetBlue Park in Ft. Meyers, FL!

    On the eve of Opening Day at Fenway Park, we’re remembering one of our favorite pictures from our trip to Spring Training. This #tbt of Wally at JetBlue’s Fenway Park South was taken during the St. Patrick’s Day game and it perfectly combines two of our favorite things; the Red Sox and being Irish!

    Sullivan Tire has been traveling to Spring Training for the past 10 years. This year, we continued the tradition of inviting our friends from Ablevision along too. Here’s what they had to say about this year’s trip:

    “We had an awesome tour of JetBlue Park and we visited a manatee park too! Although no manatees were seen, we did see a lot of birds and fish jumping out of the water.

    Kemar and Steve interviewed a bunch of fans outside of the game, and Kemar threw out the first pitch! It was really nice to be in 80 degree weather, coming from below freezing in Boston.

    We got to hang out with Dustin Pedoria for a bit, and sit in on a Q&A session with NESN’s Don Orsillo.

    Sullivan Tire has been sponsoring our trip for five years in a row, and we bring down different people every year. The crew loves it, and they come home with great memories every time.

    Will you be wearing your Red Sox gear tomorrow? Are you going to the game? Let us know in the comments!


  • Happy St. Patrick’s day and Happy 2014 Red Sox Magnet release!

    2014 Red Sox Magnet

    2014 Red Sox Magnet

    Our coveted Red Sox Magnet Schedules are available in all our locations. So stop by for your free magnet today!

    We hope you enjoyed our Red Sox Magnet Retrospective, and we can’t wait to see what our Red Sox make of the 2014 season.

    What do you think of this year’s magnet?


  • Sullivan Tire has been producing Red Sox Magnet Schedules since the 1980s. The first magnetic schedule was produced in 1999, and has been a yearly tradition for 15 years! To celebrate this milestone, and to get Red Sox Nation excited about the newest magnet, Fuel for Thought will be posting a Red Sox Magnet Schedule Retrospective, every day until St. Patrick’s Day, when the 2014 Magnet will be available in our stores.

    2013 Red Sox Magnet

    2013 Red Sox Magnet

    This was the first year we featured jetBlue Park at Fenway South on our Red Sox magnet. The photo of young baseball players was taken in February while we filmed our commercial spots with Dustin Pedroia.

    We have been filming our commercials with Dustin during spring training for years, and have invited Ablevision along for the ride as well.

     Mr. Sullivan began offering this trip to our crewmembers in 2010, in which 3 of them interviewed Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia, who is as nice as he is talented.  Since then, the folks at Sullivan Tire, year after year, have given crewmembers of Ablevision the trip of a lifetime.

    You can read more about Ablevision’s trip to Spring Training on our blog (click here!).


    Did you collect last year’s magnet? Did you like having the Spring Training schedule as well? What did you think of our Retrospective? Are you excited for this year’s magnet? Let us know in the comments!



  • Nothing like a winter blizzard to make you wish for spring… and at our Sullivan Tire Headquarters, we’ve already got a countdown to Spring Training (56 days til the first game!)

    As big Red Sox fans, we’ve traveled down to jetBlue Park at Fenway South in Fort Meyers for the past 10 years for Spring Training. Typically we catch the St. Patrick’s Day game and hand out our popular Red Sox Magnets to fellow fans.

    Fenway South 01

    Magnet Board Photos Only

    Last year, we went down to Spring Training early to film some TV spots with Dustin Pedroia, which you can view on our YouTube channel.  We also got some great behind the scenes footage of one of the stars relaxing on set…

    There’s a lot of fun and excitement that goes into Spring Training, and we’re happy to get a jump start on counting down the days (it’s more fun than shoveling…) You can keep up with our countdown to Spring Training by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report on February 15, with position players reporting on February 18th.  For more information on Red Sox spring training, and ticket information, please click here.

    Have you ever been to a Spring Training game? Are you going this year?

  •  Today’s blog comes courtesy of Ablevision, and recounts the great time they had last month at Red Sox Spring Training.

    As March draws near, there is a palatable excitement among 2 members of the crew of the Ablevision program – they know in just a few weeks, they will be jet setting to Florida to attend a Spring Training game courtesy of Mr. Sullivan.  Mr. Sullivan began offering this trip to our crewmembers in 2010, in which 3 of them interviewed Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia, who is as nice as he is talented.  Since then, the folks at Sullivan Tire, year after year, have given crewmembers of Ablevision the trip of a lifetime.

    This year, Christine Murdocca and Paul Hedison joined Triangle staff members Alisa Carbone and Jeff Gentry on a whirlwind adventure down in Ft. Myers, Florida.  “I was excited because I was finally going!” says Christine, who also rode on the Goodyear Blimp courtesy of Paul Sullivan.

    It’s difficult to choose the best part of the trip when we did such cool things such as tour the new stadium, swim in the giant pool, go on a nature walk at Six Mile Cypress Slough, and meet and talk to Red Sox fans from all over the country.  Oh, and lets not forget the fabulous food! We were delighted that Mr. Sullivan was able to relinquish Maureen Cullity from her duties and she was able to join us on our trip.

    Maureen was our food and destination expert as she reserved some amazing restaurants for us to try.  Even with everything planned, Jeff had to throw a monkey wrench in the system by saying we just HAD to have Mexican food at Cantina Laredo.  In the end we appreciated this monkey wrench as the food was outstanding and Christine found to her wonder that yes, guacamole is delicious and should be eaten with every meal.

    The day before the game, the crew shopped at the Red Sox gift shop before Brett Bodine treated us to an awesome tour of the new Jet Blue Stadium, where everything is state of the art and still smells new.  It was amazing to be able to touch the Green Monster, sign Pesky’s pole, and sit in the Red Sox dugout.  Paul gave us a historical tour of the Red Sox greats, whose numbers are proudly displayed in large statues outside the field.  Paul was so engaging, he drew a small crowd of onlookers to hear his knowledge of the players and Red Sox history.  I don’t think I’ve seen Paul grin so much, and he grins a lot.

    The morning of the game was a perfect 88 degrees and we were ready to meet the fans.  Christine and Paul asked the hard hitting questions to a legion of Red Sox fans including, “What do you think about Jason Varitek retiring?” and “What is your favorite baseball food?”  We had a steady stream of fans (some who were even interviewed by last year’s crew) pass by the Sullivan Tire tent and pick up their magnets while being interviewed.  The crew interviewed the winners of Sullivan Tire’s trip to Ireland, a stuffed gorilla who had been to over 50 games, and many fans with interesting St. Patrick’s Day attire including green wigs, shamrock glasses, and a man in a kilt.  We had the hottest tent on the pavilion!  “I was excited with everything,” said Paul, “We did a lot of walking and that was a good thing for us to do.  It wasn’t a vacation, it was work.  But we had fun doing the work.”

    As a perfect end to a perfect trip, we had seats on the 3rd baseline to watch our team defeat the Orioles.  We will forever be grateful to Mr. Sullivan and his team, including Maureen, Tom and June Wilson, and Tara Guinan who helped make the trip so outstanding.  “I really enjoy the people from Sullivan Tire – they’re a lot of fun to hang out with.  It’s a privilege to have partners that are always creatively expanding possibilities for Ablevision,” says Jeff.  Every day we strive to provide opportunities and challenges to folks with ability, and Mr. Sullivan and his team are always there to help us meet that goal.  And even though our team is down 0-3, just being able to root them on during Spring Training makes them winners in our eyes.

    For more information about Ablevision, click here or stop by their Facebook page, for pictures from their trip!