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  • Sullivan Tire has a variety of tire services that can be completed to make sure that your tires don’t wear too fast and you have the most comfortable ride possible. Here are some basic and high tech solutions to tire problems!

    Free Air Pressure Check!

    Over inflated or overly deflated tires can cause uneven tread ware and other major problems if not attended to. Come to any Sullivan Tire location and we will check your tire pressure. It does not matter where you bought the tire, we will check and fill it to the manufacturer’s specification.

    tire pressure pic

    Wheel Alignment

    Does your steering wheel pull or vibrate? It may be time for a wheel alignment. Getting a wheel alignment will lead to less ware, a more comfortable ride, better millage, and improved handling. Sullivan tire has a variety of options including a lifetime alignment for your car’s complete life.


    High Speed Computer Balance

    Making sure tires are balanced is important for riding with optimum comfort and ensure tire life longevity. Symptoms of a tire being out of balance are vibrations and damage to suspension components. Besides an uncomfortable ride, side effects are uneven tire ware. Sullivan Tire will use its state of the arch tire balancing computer to make sure your tires are balanced to perfect.

    Vibration Diagnostics

    If a tire rotation isn’t doing the trick, the problem may be deeper. Sullivan Tire will use the Hunter GSP9700 Balancer which is the latest technology. Four separate procedures will be done to assure any problems are found or fixed. A wheel analysis consists of precise measurements to determine their contribution towards the vibration. A tire analysis then determines if the current shape or ware of the tire is contributing to an uncomfortable ride. A tire and wheel indexing includes matching the heavy spot on a tire with the light spot of the wheel to make the assembly work perfectly together. Finally a high speed computer balance with small weights placed in strategic parts of the tire complete the diagnostic process. The process can solve almost any vibration problems.

    If you feel any consistent vibrations, a pull on the steering wheel, or any other problems regarding your tires, feel free to get it checked out at Sullivan Tire! Schedule an appointment today and we will be happy to check for any problems.

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