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  • While the cities and towns are doing the best they can to keep up with this unprecedented snow fall, its sure taking its toll on the roads!

    Anyone in New England reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about. Potholes! They are enormous and only going to get worse as the weather gets warm (and yes folks, it will eventually get warm!).

    So what do you do if your vehicles been through a few of those bone rattling potholes? The best thing you can do is get your car to your favorite shop and have them check the suspension parts, tires and rims for any damage. If all looks good, get a wheel alignment. Alignments should be checked at least once per year as a general maintenance. However, with the current state of the roads it’s not a bad idea to have it done now.

    potholes, alignment

    An example of a model of a computerized wheel alignment machine you will find at our shops.

    What exactly is a wheel alignment you ask? The most basic answer is that it keeps the tires properly centered on the road to provide the best possible tire wear, gas mileage and road stability.

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