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  • You know that sound? That dreaded sound when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, trying to start your car and hearing that churning that never seems to turn over? 

    With most car parts, like your tires or brakes, you can typically see or feel the wear and tear, letting you know it’s a good time to get it checked out or replaced. With a battery, you typically don’t know there’s trouble until you’re in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to get it checked before it’s too late.

    How often should I get my battery checked?

    We recommend testing your battery once a year, preferably in the fall before the cold weather hits. The first sign of a failing battery is poor cold weather performance.  If the battery struggles to start your vehicle on a cold morning, you should have your battery tested immediately. In many cases your battery may fail with little or no warning. The cold winter months are particularly tough on batteries.

    What is included in a battery check?

    At Sullivan Tire, we don’t just take a peek at your car’s battery; we check the entire charging system. Battery, alternator, drive belt, starter, wires, cables, and your charging systems overall condition.

    How much does a battery check cost?

    Nothing! It’s free until March 31st at Sullivan Tire!

    How much does a new battery cost?

    Usually somewhere in the $99 – $130 range?

    How long does a battery last?

    Anywhere from three to six years depending on use, construction and routine maintenance performed.

    Batteries for sale in our Nashua NH location.

    Batteries for sale in our Nashua NH location.

    Have you ever been stranded due to a dead battery? When is the last time you’ve had your battery checked?

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