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  • Buying a used car can be a huge investment for an individual or family. Safety is a huge priority when purchasing a new ride. Come into any Sullivan Tire and we will perform a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection (CVI) for only $39.95!


    A Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection will alert the customer of anything that is wrong with a car and all the work that should be done before it hits the road. Our CVI, which follows Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines, includes but is not limited to:

    Brake InspectionBrakes are perhaps the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Brakes should be checked about every 6,000 miles to make sure everything is working properly. We will check brake lines, frictional material, rotor thickness, and brake fluids.

    Steering and Suspension– There are many moving parts to make steering and suspension as smooth and straight as possible. If one element is off, the car may drag or steer slightly in the wrong direction.

    Starting/ Charging System– This includes vital areas such as the car battery and alternator. Sullivan tire will also make sure that other areas of the charging system such as the drive belt, starter, wires, and cables are intact and working well!

    Heating/ Cooling Systems– Sullivan Tire will check radiator effectiveness, coolant levels, and belts and hoses. It is important to make sure coolant levels are high and of the correct pH so the engine can be cooled, especially in these hot summer months!

    Engine Performance Maintenance– The engine is the most important (and pricey) part of the car. Detect any problems before they lead to engine failure and huge repairs. Sullivan Tire will check 14 different parts of the engine to make sure everything is working properly.

    Wheels & Tires– Our American Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians are tire specialists. They will check wear patterns, tread depth, tire pressure, and valves. Tire pressure can be checked at any Sullivan Tire location absolutely free!

    Wipers & Lighting– We will check all the necessities that make your car run safely for yourself, and those around you. We will check everything from headlights to license plate late, to back windshield wipers.

    Transmission– Transmission fluid is important to lubricate and cool all of the internal components of the transmission. Fluid can be depleted and replaced following manufacturer’s recommended service interval.

    Ride Control– Testing shows ride control units, such as shock, struts and springs, degrade measurably after 50,000 miles and replacing these units is suggested to improve vehicle performance.

    Manufacturer’s Recommended Services– Anything else your car may need!

    Make an appointment today to get any vehicle checked out before you purchase it! You can also bring in your vehicle if you are unsure if it may need any repairs! We hope to see you soon!

  1. Thanks for this helpful post on pre-purchase car inspections. I am thinking that I am going to be going to be buying another car soon, and I don’t know enough about cars to make sure that I get a good used one without getting scammed. Thanks for including the list of things that could possibly be included with a car inspection. I really think that if you had all of these things checked it would be a pretty good test. I will be sure to have any car I buy inspected first. Thanks for the help!

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