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  • Tire alignment is a huge contributor to proper tire wear and long lasting tire life. It is estimated that the car is driven over 12,000 miles every year. If a tire’s toe alignment is off by .34 degrees (.17 inches) the car has dragged its tires 68 miles over the course of the year!


    The role of alignment is to keep the thrust angle of the vehicle straight. When the vehicle is out of alignment it becomes more challenging to steer. Effects are feeling of looseness, wheel vibrations, and the steering wheel can appear not centered and the car is moving straight.

    Sullivan Tire is offering a lifetime wheel alignment for only $199.99, which includes regularly scheduled alignment recommended by the cars manufacturer! After purchasing the lifetime alignment ASE certified technicians will preform a computerized service throughout your car’s lifetime at no cost. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of this great opportunity!


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