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  • Sullivan Tire is happy to announce a special Buy 3, Get 1 Free sale on all Yokohama, Sumitomo, Sailun, and Jetzon tires! The Sumitomo, Sailun, and Jetzon brands are on the Sullivan Tire Value Line, so it is an even better deal than usual! Yokohama is made of tire experts who use cutting edge technology to create the best possible tires. Yokohama produces many unique tires to fill your specific needs!

    The Geolander G055 is made for all-season performance and reliable handling for today’s crossover vehicle!


    Features and Benefits

    • Premium Compound Technology- Formulated orange oil technology ensures awesome all-season performance as well as extended tread life.
    • Transition Groves with Notch Sipes- Great traction in winter and wet conditions.
    • Circumferential Zigzag Groves- Extraordinary water channeling technology made to resist hydroplaning.
    • Optimized Profile- Even pressure across the tread surface ensures even wear, optimum fuel efficiency, and reliable traction in diverse weather situations.

    The Geolander H/T G056 is a great SUV/truck tire that is long lasting and can perform in all weather conditions!

    yokohama-geolander h-t G056

    Features and Benefits

    • Advanced All-Season Compound Technology- Stays pliable in the cold, resists wear and ensures wet grip traction
    • Optimized Contract Patch- Assures even pressure across the tread as it meets the road, enabling even wear.
    • Multi-angle Grooves and Zigzag Circumferential Grooves- Provide a powerful edge effect for improved handling in wet and wintery conditions.

    The Advan Sport is perfect for luxury and sport cars. This tire offers great performance in summer, rain, and even light snow!


    Features and Benefits

    • Variable Round Groves- Prevents one sided abrasion and maximizes performance on wet surfaces.
    • Four Wide Circular Grooves- Quickly and efficiently evacuate water for enhanced performance on wet surfaces.
    • Groove-in- Grove Technology- Finely cut grooves in the four main grooves. Controls stress on tread to promote even wear.
    • Sidewall Features High-Stiffness Bead Fillers and Steel Reinforcement- Improves high speed capabilities and handling.

    The Avid Ascend is the ideal touring tire that performs in all seasons and has great fuel efficiency!


    Features and Benefits

    • Optimized Tread Profile- Enhances rolling resistance and promotes long treadlife.
    • Multi-Pitch Tread Design- Separates tread blocks for a quiet ride.
    • Tread Block Bridges- Reduce tread movement for more even tread wear and reduced noise.
    • Cross Grooves and Deep Circumferential Grooves- Expedite water evacuation and provide exceptional bite for better winter traction.

    Come to any of our Sullivan Tire locations or schedule an appointment to capitalize on this deal throughout the month of August!

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