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  • All About Misty

    Ever wonder who that adorable Saint Bernard is starring in our commercials alongside Paul Sullivan and Dustin Pedroia? Her name is Misty, and she is our beloved mascot. You may also recognize Misty from She has been busy helping customers find the perfect tire for their vehicles with the “Let Misty Help Choose” feature on our website. Misty will ask customers a series of questions to help narrow down the choices and find the tire that fits each customer’s precise wants and needs.

    So, why did we choose a Saint Bernard as our mascot? Saint Bernard’s are an extremely loyal, hard-working breed. These qualities are highly valued at Sullivan Tire and are embedded in the framework of this company.

    Prepare for Misty to get even more involved with Sullivan Tire! She just made a visit to our Corporate Office, and will be making appearances at several upcoming Sullivan Tire events. Misty is now on Facebook, so make sure to visit to learn more about her and to see pictures of her most recent adventures. Check her page often to find out when she will make an appearance at an event near you!

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