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  • Making a tire purchase is an important investment in your vehicle, as well as your safety.  To get the most out of your new tire purchase, Sullivan Tire offers a Tire Maintenance Protection Plan (TMPP) to protect your tires from situations the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover.

    Sullivan Tire’s TMPP covers damage from potholes, nails, glass and other hazardous situations you may encounter while driving. If your tires are damaged beyond repair, the TMPP offers FREE tire(s) replacement within the first 12 months or first 25% of wear, whichever comes first.  After the initial 12 months or 25% wear, Sullivan Tire will offset the cost of a new tire(s) based on how much tire tread you have remaining.

    In addition, the TMPP includes:

    • Free tire rotations
    • Free flat repairs
    • Free alignment check every six months


    Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  Offering our customers the TMPP is another way for us to ensure you receive the best value, products, and protection for the road ahead.

    For more information on Sullivan Tire’s Tire Maintenance Protection Plan, including pricing for your tires, please contact our Tire Experts or any of our 57 retail locations!

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