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  • As if Red Sox fans weren’t riled up already, Geoff Edgers of the Boston Globe has made a plea to banish what some consider a sacred Fenway tradition: Sweet Caroline.

    (Photo by Mark Newman/
    (Photo by Mark Newman/

    In his piece today, Edgers argues that “we’re on the big stage again and our credibility’s at stake.” The whole article is worth a read, but a few choice quotes really stood out:

    • Edgers describes his “World Series Nightmare” as “swaying to soft rock as our championship run screeches to a karaoke-choked stop.”
    • Describing the song as a “largely forgettable, three-minute slab of Velveeta with a distinct creepiness…”
    • And, “We don’t need baseball-ready Prozac to make us forget what we’re watching.”

    So, what do you think? Is Sweet Caroline past it’s prime as an eighth inning “pick me up”? Or is it a tradition that’s not to be messed with? Is there another song that Fenway should adopt? Let us know in the comments! (And most importantly, GO SOX!)

  1. Yes, it’s tradition!!!! Go Sox!

  2. Yes!!!! Keep the tradition! I love it! Let’s win it tonight, boys!

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