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  • Sullivan Tire has been producing Red Sox Magnet Schedules since the 1980s. The first magnetic schedule was produced in 1999, and has been a yearly tradition for 15 years! To celebrate this milestone, and to get Red Sox Nation excited about the newest magnet, Fuel for Thought will be posting a Red Sox Magnet Schedule Retrospective, every day until St. Patrick’s Day, when the 2014 Magnet will be available in our stores.

    2011 Red Sox Magnet

    2011 Red Sox Magnet

    2011 was the end of Fenway park’s 10 year renovation and expansion program. Throughout the project, $285 million was spent on improvements to the park. It was the Red Sox’s 111th season, and despite striving for the World Series that year, the Sox ended up imploding in September and failed to make the playoffs.

    During the season, we launched “The Ultimate Baseball Showdown” between Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester. We gave Red Sox fans the opportunity to watch, guess and enter for a chance to win the chance to take some swings against Lester or pitch against Pedroia on the field at Fenway Park!

    To support the Showdown, we also launched a newly redesigned website.  We updated with our popular chat support feature, tire prices and price comparison information, and promotional info! It was the first year Sullivan Tire worked with Lester, while it was our fourth with Pedroia.


    Did you collect our 2011 magnet? Do you remember our Ultimate Baseball Showdown commercials? What do you think of Misty being on the magnet with Dustin? Let us know in the comments!

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