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  • Sullivan Tire has been producing Red Sox Magnet Schedules since the 1980s. The first magnetic schedule was produced in 1999, and has been a yearly tradition for 15 years! To celebrate this milestone, and to get Red Sox Nation excited about the newest magnet, Fuel for Thought will be posting a Red Sox Magnet Schedule Retrospective, every day until St. Patrick’s Day, when the 2014 Magnet will be available in our stores.

    2009 Red Sox Magnet

    2009 Red Sox Magnet


    The 2009 Red Sox Magnet was the first one to feature Dustin Pedroia, as opposed to Fenway park.  Fenway Park celebrated it’s 500th consecutive Red Sox sellout on June 17th, 2009. The Red Sox had the second best record at the All Star break, and Jim Rice‘s number 14 was retired that year.

    In terms of the season, the Sox got off to slow start, but then won 11 straight games starting on April 15. It was the longest winning streak since the 2006 season! Jacoby Ellsbury stole home base during the April 26th game against the Yankees, capping off a three day sweep. Jon Lester made 225 strikeouts during the 2009 season, which would be his career high.


    Do you have a favorite memory from the 2009 Red Sox season? Did you collect our magnet that year? What do you think of featuring Dustin Pedroia as opposed to Fenway park?

    Let us know in the comments!

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