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  • Sullivan Tire has been producing Red Sox Magnet Schedules since the 1980s. The first magnetic schedule was produced in 1999, and has been a yearly tradition for 15 years! To celebrate this milestone, and to get Red Sox Nation excited about the newest magnet, Fuel for Thought will be posting a Red Sox Magnet Schedule Retrospective, every day until St. Patrick’s Day, when the 2014 Magnet will be available in our stores.

    2004 Red Sox Magnet

    Would you say that 2004 was the most exciting year in Red Sox history? Could any other season compare to “The Year the Curse Was Broken?”

    It had been 86 years since the Red Sox had won a World Series, a “curse” that many attribute to a fateful transaction by Harry Frazee, the owner of the Red Sox from  1916-1923.

    By the end of that year the finances of Red Sox owner Harry Frazee were spiraling downward and in trying to right his financial ship, Frazee sunk the Sox. In the most infamous transaction in baseball history, Frazee got out of debt by selling Ruth to the Yankees, giving birth to the “Curse of the Bambino,” a long-lamented reason given by Sox fans for the misfortunes that always seemed to overtake their teams at crucial times and derail their efforts for a championship.

    In 2004, after an incredible comeback against the Yankees during the American League Championship series, the Red Sox went on to sweep the Cardinals in the World Series. Due to the historic event, Sullivan Tire produced a second magnet that year.

    2004 Magnet World Series Champs

    2004 Magnet World Series Champs



    Where were you watching when you saw the Red Sox win the 2004 World Series? How did you celebrate? Did you have either of our magnets from that year? Did you hold onto them? Let us know in the comments!

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