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  • Tonight, the Boston Bruins will face off against the Montreal Canadiens for a chance to play in the Eastern Conference Final.  Why is this game such a big deal? The Boston Globe’s Christopher Gasper explains:

    Bruins-Canadiens is one of the premier rivalries in North American sports, spanning nine decades, dozens of great players, endless dislike, and countless heartbreak for the Spoked-Believers. For awhile this was as competitive a rivalry as an egg shell against the side of a frying pan — the same side always cracked.

    The Canadiens have won 24 of the 33 playoff meetings and won 18 straight from 1946 to 1987.

    The Habs Hex was broken in 1988. But most of the prior 18 series weren’t close…

    No rivalry in major pro sports has featured as many Game 7 showdowns as Bruins-Canadiens and the Bruins have also set a record for skating in a Game 7 for seven consecutive years.

    With such a high stakes game being played in Boston tonight, we’ll definitely be tuning in to see what happens. Where will you be watching the game tonight? Do you have any predictions as to how it will turn out?


    From the Bruins October 4th, 2013 game.

    From the Bruins October 4th, 2013 game.

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