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  • Customers and employees of our Newton, Watertown and Boston locations had a special guess visit them on Tuesday June 26th.

    Red Sox 2nd baseman Dustin Pedroia popped in for a visit and shook hands with excited customers in the waiting room. He graciously posed for pictures and listened to true Red Sox fans share their support for our hometown team.

    A customer from the Newton location was thrilled to have the chance to meet Dustin after experiencing unexpected car issues. Paul wrote to us and said “The cost of the repair I needed was somewhat offset by meeting Pedey, PRICELESS!”.  Manager Matt Crane went on to share a little more and said that the customer was a huge sox fan and Pedroia is his favorite player. When the customer was given a ride home he went on to say this was one of the best days he’s had.

    All of our employees took a picture with Dustin as well as a store team picture.  Paul Dixon, manager of our Watertown location, was also surprised to see Dustin stop by for a visit. Each one of his employees took pictures with Dustin as well.  After Newton and Watertown, Dustin stopped by our Boston location just down the road from Fenway and shook hands with manager Rich Lobo and the crew.  The visit to each store was met with smiling faces of those happy to wish Dustin well this season. And he was very genuine in his response with a simple thank you and a smile.

    When asked how he thought the 3 store visits went, Area Supervisor John Miller just responded “All I can say is thank you. I’m speechless”.

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