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  • The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champs once again! Since we can’t join the rest of New England at the Patriots parade, we will celebrate our beloved team by giving away TWO official Super Bowl XLIX t-shirts!

    Patriots - Super Bowl t-shirts

    Photo credit: Patriots ProShop

    To enter, simply share your favorite Super Bowl memory below. Whether you like watching the game or are more excited for the long-awaited Super Bowl commercials and snacks – we want to hear from you! The two winners will be announced on Friday!

  1. Butler’s interception!!

  2. I love the game itself, and the halftime shows are amazing, commercials too. But seeing the two best teams play one last epic game is my favorite. Especially when it’s the Pats!

  3. I love watching with all my family and friends, it’s the best sporting event of the year! Butler’s interception in the fourth quarter was DEFINITELY the best part of this game, a lot of screaming and cheering was involved! Football is the greatest sport, go patriots!!!

  4. The swing of emotions in that game was unreal.. We have gotten to love the Patriots so much over the years, my daughter actually cried tears of joy when Butler picked off the pass. We thought for sure the game was over after the Kearse catch. It’s about time we are on the other end of one of those plays! Go Pats!!!!

  5. Butler’s miracle interception!!!!!

    estella miller on February 4, 2015 at 3:23 pm
  6. Interception at the 1 yard line. Enough said!!!

  7. My favorite memory of the Super Bowl is Butler’s interception. that was the play of the game.

  8. Brady’s reaction to the win!!

  9. I will never ever forget Butler’s interception, that was a moment forever in NFL history.

  10. Left shark ~

  11. My favorite memory is seeing the reactions of the players after the win such as Brady, Richard Sherman (Haha) Darelle Revis, Gronk, Malcolm Butler etc.

  12. My favorite memory of the superbowl was when Malcolm Butler intercepted the pass right after giving up a deep throw to Jermaine Kearse

  13. The whole game was great. Just What a superbowl should be like!

  14. Favorite memory? The left shark during Katy Perry’s halftime show. Oh, OK, also Malcolm Butler’s interception.

  15. loved watching the games with my family!

  16. Providing security escort during rolling rally through the streets of Boston for the XLVIX Champion New England Patriots & Family!!
    (Tried to attach pic but couldn’t)

  17. When we beat carolina on the last second field goal by Vinateri watched it with my whole family greatest moment of my young life GO PATS

  18. My best memory of this Super Bowl was watching the game with my 2 sons 7 and 11 and being able to
    Share this experience with them and watch them get excited and root for the home team — it was truly a boys night !

  19. Brady’s go ahead touchdown pass to Edelman!

  20. watching the game

  21. After Butler’s interception, when the camera panned over to Sherman…the delighted look quickly turned to angst…that’s karma!

  22. The look on Pete Carroll and Richard Shermans face when Malcolm Butler picked it off at the 1.

  23. My favorite memory was watching Super Bowl XLII in the hospital after my son was born

    Nate Baustad on February 4, 2015 at 8:51 pm
  24. I just loved watching Tom raise that trophy up and have that awesome smile shinning!!!

  25. My favorite memory of the SUPER BOWL was the entire fourth quarter especially Butler’s amazing interception in the red zone that was awesome.

  26. The entire victory celebration was awesome as well.

  27. Definitely Tom Brady’s reaction to Butler’s interception! Especially because I reacted exactly the same way and people looked at me like I was crazy! I mean, how could you not love that?! Absolutely incredible play by Butler!! So happy!!!

  28. Butler’s interception was amazing!!

  29. Remembering the game. As a newly recovering alcoholic, being present for the whole game, enjoying it with my children, instead of in a bar room, is my greatest memory. One of many more great ones I will have in recovery.

  30. Butler’s interception took us home to win the Superbowl! The best Superbowl ever!!

    Donna Donahue on February 5, 2015 at 12:22 pm
  31. The video of Tom Brady hugging his mom at the end if the gane.

  32. Tom b jumping up and down when butler intercepted
    His face was priceless!!

  33. The Butler Did It play!!

    Diane Bassette on February 5, 2015 at 12:48 pm
  34. Butlers interception!!!!!

  35. The interception!!!!

  36. When Butler caught the interception my husband started jumping up and down and we were both yelling so loud we woke our 3 year old daughter. Our 5 year old was watching the game with us and just looked at us like we were crazy.

  37. When Brady celebrated jumping like a little kid, true happiness over there.

  38. Butlers interception!!

  39. Dynasty continues!!!!

  40. My favorite moment was the high I felt after feeling so low less than a minute before. I was ecstatic when Edleman caught the go ahead td, but I knew the Patriots had their work cut out for them on defense with 2 minutes left. I just kept saying we need a 3 and out. Then Jamie Collins got beat and I was like we still can hold them. After that lucky “catch” by Kearse, all I could think is that the Patriots had their Super Bowl stolen away by a crazy catch that wouldn’t happen 99% of the time. I was bummed and really thought maybe we should let Seattle score just so Brady would have maybe 20 seconds. Then all the sudden I see the ball in the air and I was praying for interception when Malcom Butler snatched that ball and secured the Patriots Super Bowl. I never felt so relieved and excited at the same time, but I was still too nervous to take it all in and celebrate. What a roller coaster of emotions, but we are Super Bowl Champs again!

    Alexis Karavedas on February 5, 2015 at 5:11 pm
  41. My daughter’s homemade football shaped whoopie pies!!

  42. The last play! Butlers interception woo-hoo!

    Jeanne Houle on February 5, 2015 at 6:51 pm
  43. Two best teams and it comes down to the final play to decide the champ. Pats of cource!!!

  44. Julian’s touchdown to put Patriots ahead for the first time in 4th quarter! I didn’t think they’d be able to come back from 10 points down!,,

  45. Seeing butlers INT and Brady win his 4th ring. It was one of the best super bowls ever!

    Kaleb DeMello on February 5, 2015 at 10:28 pm
  46. Malcolm Butler’s interception

  47. Butler’s interception!!!!!

  48. When butler intercepted the ball!

  49. Butler intercepting the ball

  50. Butler’s interception :)

  51. It was a crazy game especially during the 4th quarter. Brady to Edelman and then Butler’s interception. That was the craziest ending ever!! Loved it!!

    Jen Rodrigues on February 5, 2015 at 11:53 pm
  52. Watching Brady jump up and down like a kid when Butler intercepted the ball, realizing I was doing the same thing. Lol.

    Renee Showstead on February 6, 2015 at 9:14 am
  53. When Goodell handed the trophy to Mr. Kraft. It was vindication after 2 weeks of witch hunt from the NFL.

  54. The entire game

  55. Congratulations to our two winners – Biana V. and Steve! Thanks to everyone who shared their memories with us, we truly enjoyed reading each one! Stay tuned for more giveaways on our blog soon.

    Jessica Coonan on February 6, 2015 at 11:41 am

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