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  • Owl Follow Up

    Back in February, the employees at our location in Norwell, MA found an owl at the store. Our employees brought the owl, who had a broken wing, to the New England Wildlife Center in South Weymouth, MA.

    This past week, we received this great thank you note from the Wildlife Center on the status of the owl.

    Thank you for taking the time to help one of New England’s wild animals in need.  Without caring and concerned citizens, such as you, we would be unable to help sick and injured wildlife.  We are happy to report that the Northern Saw-Whet owl you admitted to the hospital was released!

    The New England Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and care of injured wildlife, and natural science and biology education.

  1. What wonderful news! I am so happy to hear the Vet was able to repair is broken wing, and is now able to go back in the wild. He was a young owl, and I personally named his “Ollie”. Owl’s never forget a kind hand, and will return to your building, and also to the Wildlife Center where they repaired his broken wing. There is a possibility that “Ollie” the Owl, will return with members of his flock! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Cheers, Cynthia

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