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  • Today’s guest blog comes from Janet Baird, of Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter.  

    Being an animal lover all of my life, I decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter.  I promised my husband that I would not bring anything home, until this little black pug showed up…  How could I resist?  And it all went uphill from there…

    I began volunteering every Tuesday morning, taking care of the cleaning, and felt really good about what I was doing.  I was providing a clean environment for the animals, giving them love and affection while making sure that they had food, fresh litter and a nice warm bed.

    About a year later, a new volunteer showed up, and we became great friends as well as co-workers.  A little while after that, another woman showed up and we became the three musketeers on Tuesday mornings.  We started putting our heads together to see how we could improve the shelter. We wanted to do more in addition to the cleaning.

    We soon realized that many abandoned pets needed a lot of medical care, more than the budget could stretch. That’s when we organized the Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter, Inc. Our goal is to raise funds for the medical care that is so desperately needed by the homeless animals in our community.

    Founded in 2008, we are very proud of our accomplishments thus far.  One day, a four month old puppy came into the shelter with a broken leg.  We decided to have a yard sale to raise money for the puppy’s medical costs, and ended up raising $902! Since then, we’ve held an annual yard sale, canned in front of supermarkets, and held fundraisers at local restaurants to generate funds for new dog kennels and medical expenses.

    Not only do we raise money for the shelter and it’s animals, but we educate the community as well.  We give talks in schools to educate the children on the importance of spaying and neutering their animals, as well ways to take care of their pets in a responsible way.  Additionally, we visit senior housing, assist at Job Fairs, local dog walks, and other community events.

    A few years ago one of our volunteers, Kathryn Ieada, started her own non-profit group called Papa’s Pet Project in memory of her dad.  Through a partnership with the Plymouth PetSmart, Papa’s Pets Project works to help homeless animals find new homes.  Papa’s Pet Project, Helping Hands and the Plymouth Animal Shelter all work together in rescuing and helping homeless animals in our town: Animals come into the shelter, Helping hands gets them medically up to date, and Papa’s Pets takes them up the adoption center.  We make the perfect trifecta! 

    Volunteers are such an important part of our organization; we rely solely on them. Any rescue group needs many volunteers, money and extra help in order to sustain their services.  We are looking for foster families, monetary donations, clerical help and donations, some of which you may not even think of! Every shelter needs towels and blankets, cleaning supplies, cat good and dog food, litter, flea treatments, laundry and dish detergent, as well as small paper plates.

    If you can find it in your heart to help in any way possible, we would very much appreciate it.

    We thank you, and our furry friends thank you too!


    Monetary donations can be made to Helping Hands for the P.A.S, Inc. PO Box 1042, Plymouth, MA 02362 

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