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  • ​Last week, the Hudson Sullivan Tire hosted a field trip for their local Girl Scout troop! The girls arrived at closing and spent the next 90 minutes touring the facility, learning the oil change process and basic vehicle maintenance first hand. They were very attentive and eager to learn!

    Girl Scouts

    The girls get ready to go out back to the service bays!

    Eager to learn about oil changes and basic vehicle maintenance!

    Eager to learn about basic vehicle maintenance!

    “Pizza was served to conclude our evening and a great time was had by all! Special thanks to Jason Turcotte for staying late to demonstrate vehicle maintenance and the Marketing Department for providing the trick-or-treat bags and Sullivan Tire bandannas!​” said Rich Ferguson, manager of Hudson.

    No one left empty handed! :)

    No one left empty handed! :)

    Do you have any questions for us on basic vehicle maintenance? Leave them in the comments below!

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