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  • Today’s Customer Testimonial highlights the care and attention our stores have given to maintaining company vehicles. At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service. Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    “You guys are the BEST at servicing my company vehicle. I work 3rd shift and being able to have my vehicle serviced 1st thing in the morning works out great for me. I have visited many of your locations in MA/NH and each time the repairs or routine maintenance has been done with efficiency and precision. I always receive feedback/recommendations for any issues found during my visit. Keep up the good work!”

    -Kevin 2/7/15

    Customer Appreciation Event in Manchester, NH!

    Customer Appreciation Event in Manchester, NH!

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