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Category: Auto Service

  • We are excited to announce that we have opened our 68th retail location in Westford, MA at 426 Littleton Road, site of the former Wayside Auto Services. The new 5,000 square-foot retail space opened for business as Sullivan Tire and Auto Service on October 27th, and has hit the ground running.

    Westford Now Open Sign

    Westford Now Open Sign

    This location offers the same comprehensive tire and automotive service as our other retail stores throughout New England, including 18 brands of tires, oil changes, brakes, batteries, engine diagnostics, shocks and struts, fluid flushes, alignments, and factory scheduled maintenance. Also available at this store is a courtesy shuttle for customers needing local rides to and from the Westford location.

    And, of course, the biggest thing we offer to Westford, Littleton, and other surrounding communities is the same customer service that the people of New England have come to know and expect from Sullivan Tire and Auto Service.

    At the helm as store manager is one of our longtime employees John Ferrera. He will be assisted by Robert “Fuzzy” Karr, the former Wayside Auto Services owner, and the rest of the former Wayside Auto Services staff.

    From left to right: Robert "Fuzzy" Karr and John Ferrera

    From left to right: Robert “Fuzzy” Karr and John Ferrera

    We will be announcing a Grand Opening in the coming weeks, but for now we wish John, Fuzzy, and the rest of the Westford crew a successful future.

  • Have you ever been stranded due to a dead battery? What did you do? Nothing is worse than hearing that dreaded churning sound when you try and start your car on a cold, winter morning.

    With most car parts, like your tires or brakes, you can typically see or feel the wear and tear, letting you know it’s a good time to get it checked out or replaced. With a battery, you typically don’t know there’s trouble until you’re in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to get it checked before it’s too late.

    How often should I get my battery checked?

    We recommend testing your battery once a year, preferably before the New England cold weather hits. The first sign of a failing battery is poor cold weather performance. If the battery struggles to start your vehicle on a cold morning, you should have your battery tested immediately. In many cases, your battery may fail with little or no warning.

    Web - Auto Service - BatteryCheckImage

    What is included in a battery check?

    At Sullivan Tire, we don’t just take a quick look at your car’s battery; we check the entire charging system. That means we’re looking at your battery, alternator, drive belt, starter, wires, cables, and your charging systems overall condition.

    How much does a battery check cost?

    Nothing! It’s free right now at Sullivan Tire!

    Free Battery Check

    How much does a new battery cost?

    Usually somewhere in the $99 – $130 range.

    How long does a battery last?

    Anywhere from three to six years depending on use, construction and routine maintenance performed.

    When is the last time you’ve had your battery checked? Sullivan Tire has all the tools and training necessary to properly test your battery. Should you need a new one, we can typically install it in the same time it takes to change your oil.

  • Sullivan Tire has a variety of tire services that can be completed to make sure that your tires don’t wear too fast and you have the most comfortable ride possible. Here are some basic and high tech solutions to tire problems!

    Free Air Pressure Check!

    Over inflated or overly deflated tires can cause uneven tread ware and other major problems if not attended to. Come to any Sullivan Tire location and we will check your tire pressure. It does not matter where you bought the tire, we will check and fill it to the manufacturer’s specification.

    tire pressure pic

    Wheel Alignment

    Does your steering wheel pull or vibrate? It may be time for a wheel alignment. Getting a wheel alignment will lead to less ware, a more comfortable ride, better millage, and improved handling. Sullivan tire has a variety of options including a lifetime alignment for your car’s complete life.


    High Speed Computer Balance

    Making sure tires are balanced is important for riding with optimum comfort and ensure tire life longevity. Symptoms of a tire being out of balance are vibrations and damage to suspension components. Besides an uncomfortable ride, side effects are uneven tire ware. Sullivan Tire will use its state of the arch tire balancing computer to make sure your tires are balanced to perfect.

    Vibration Diagnostics

    If a tire rotation isn’t doing the trick, the problem may be deeper. Sullivan Tire will use the Hunter GSP9700 Balancer which is the latest technology. Four separate procedures will be done to assure any problems are found or fixed. A wheel analysis consists of precise measurements to determine their contribution towards the vibration. A tire analysis then determines if the current shape or ware of the tire is contributing to an uncomfortable ride. A tire and wheel indexing includes matching the heavy spot on a tire with the light spot of the wheel to make the assembly work perfectly together. Finally a high speed computer balance with small weights placed in strategic parts of the tire complete the diagnostic process. The process can solve almost any vibration problems.

    If you feel any consistent vibrations, a pull on the steering wheel, or any other problems regarding your tires, feel free to get it checked out at Sullivan Tire! Schedule an appointment today and we will be happy to check for any problems.

  • Come to our Sullivan Tire location in Watertown for the chance to win a blimp ride for two! This will be the first time that the new Goodyear blimp Wingfoot will be in New England! A blimp ride is a once in a life time opportunity that can’t be passed up! The radio station The River 92.5 will also be in attendance preforming a live remote! Sullivan Tire will provide free refreshments and promotion items to all who attend the customer appreciation event! Here are some more details:

    • 21 North Beacon St, Watertown
    • August 29th, Noon-2pm.
    • (617)-926-5070
    • Store Manager- Paul Dixon


    There are also many deals on tires and auto service! Buy 3, get 1 free on Yokohama tires and tires from the Sullivan Tire value line until August 31st! This is one of the last opportunities to capitalize on this awesome offer! Also there will be 10% off auto services as well as a mail in rebate on all Goodyear tires until September 12th! Join us at this celebratory event and enter to win a ride on the Goodyear blimp as well as capitalize on great deals on tires and auto service!


  • Come by our Wareham location to help us celebrate Sullivan Tire’s 60th Anniversary. The event will take place on August 22nd from 10am-1pm! A table will be set up outside handing out complimentary refreshments and promotional items to customers. Big League Brian will also be in attendance to entertain the whole family! Here are some more details on the event:

    • 3099 Cranberry Highway
    • (508)-295-9251
    • Store Manager- Daniel Harlow

    Big League Brian

    While at the event capitalize on great deals on tires and auto service! Yokohama Tires and Sullivan Tire Value Line Tires are currently Buy 3, Get 1 Free! There are currently mail in rebate offers for other tire brands such as BF Goodrich, Michelin, General, and more! Sullivan Tire is offering 10% off all auto service done at our Wareham location as well! Schedule an appointment for great deals on tires and auto service in Wareham!


  • Sullivan Tire is excited about the upcoming Massachusetts tax free weekend! Save big on tires all weekend long, including a Buy 3, Get 1 absolutely FREE sale on all Yokohama and Sullivan Tire value line tires! Great deals on Auto Service all weekend long as well! Schedule an appointment and get a new set of tires or auto service over tax free weekend!

    • Extended Store Hours for MA Stores:
      • Saturday, 8/15 = 7am-5pm
      • Sunday, 8/16 = 9am-3pm

    tax free weekend

    Not only are we offering great deals on tires and auto service, but we are hosting and supporting events on Saturday August 15th in and out of Massachusetts. We will be a part of fun events in Damariscotta ME, Amherst NH, and Leominster MA! Here is a rundown on all of the events:

    American Red Cross Blood Drive in Damariscotta, ME

    Our store location in Damariscotta will be hosting a blood drive where each donor gets $20 off any auto services. The blood donation will take place out of an American Red Cross traveling station from 9am-2pm. Here are the store details:

    • 480 Main St, Damariscotta
    • (207)-563-3151
    • Manager- Park Clegg

    Car and Tractor Show in Amherst, NH

    Join the Amherst Lions Club for their 5th annual Car and Tractor show! The event will run from 9am-3pm and trophy and cash awards will be given at 2pm! You can also fill out a registration form if you wish to participate in the event! Stop by the Sullivan Tire table for a free $25 off auto service coupon and other promotional items! Here are more details:

    • 85 Amherst St Route 101A, Amherst
    • FREE for spectators
    • Donations accepted and given to local charities

    Car Wash in Leominster, MA

    The Sullivan Tire location in Leominster will host a car wash to benefit the Leominster High School chorus! This is a great opportunity to get a car wash and help support a very good local cause! The event will take place from 10am-1pm. Here are the store details:

    • 162 Main St
    • (978)-534-9112
    • Manager- Frank Bieniek

    We hope you can join us for at least one of these events!

  • Check out a huge car show in Downtown Newburyport on August 13th! Old school rides from the 50’s and 60’s will be on display as well as a 60’s themed concert with The Transistors at 7pm! Here are the event’s specific details:

    • Where– Downtown Newburyport (State, Pleasant, and Inn Streets).
    • When– Thursday August 13th, 5pm-8pm.
    • Rain Date– Thursday August 20th.

    cars- newburyport

    *Photo Credit:

    Sullivan tire is a proud sponsor for the event and will have a table set up! $25 off auto service coupons will be given out as well as other promotional items! Be sure to stop by to learn about great deals and get your coupon! This will be a great event for the whole family to check out some cool vintage cars so don’t forget to stop by!


    *Photo Credit:

  • Help Sullivan Tire support a good cause and donate blood on Saturday August 15th! The American Red Cross mobile donation truck will be at our Damariscotta location from 9am-2pm. Sullivan Tire will also be giving customers who donate a $20 off auto service coupon! Donors will be doing a great thing and get rewarded! Here is some details about our Damariscotta store:

    • Address- 480 Main St.
    • Phone Number- (207)-563-3151
    • Store Manager- Park Clegg

    Donating blood is a very selfless and generous action. Donated blood is given to the very sick or those who lost blood and are in need. There are plenty of reasons to donate, whether you know someone who needed blood at one point or you’re just trying to do a good thing! Make sure to bring a donor card if possible and eat a light meal before! We will provide snacks and refreshments after blood is given! Sullivan Tire will also be offering great deals on Tires as well! We are offering Buy 3, get 1 free on all Yokohama Tires as well as a $70 rebate on Michelin and BFGoodrich Tires throughout the month of August! Saturday August 15th would be a great time to stop by and take advantage of great deals on tires and auto service as well as donate blood to a good cause!


  • Tire alignment is a huge contributor to proper tire wear and long lasting tire life. It is estimated that the car is driven over 12,000 miles every year. If a tire’s toe alignment is off by .34 degrees (.17 inches) the car has dragged its tires 68 miles over the course of the year!


    The role of alignment is to keep the thrust angle of the vehicle straight. When the vehicle is out of alignment it becomes more challenging to steer. Effects are feeling of looseness, wheel vibrations, and the steering wheel can appear not centered and the car is moving straight.

    Sullivan Tire is offering a lifetime wheel alignment for only $199.99, which includes regularly scheduled alignment recommended by the cars manufacturer! After purchasing the lifetime alignment ASE certified technicians will preform a computerized service throughout your car’s lifetime at no cost. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of this great opportunity!