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  • We at Fuel for Thought hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend (even with that uninvited guest Arthur in town…)  While it was a bummer to reschedule some Fourth of July festivities, Arthur was helpful with one thing: pushing out the heat and humidity! That being said, we at Sullivan Tire have a less rainy way to beat the heat while you travel this summer.

    Today’s Mechanical Monday is all about AC repair.  The most obvious system of a faulty air conditioning system would be if your vents are not blowing out cool air. Other symptoms you should be aware of are increased noise coming from the AC, or leaks under  your car.  Over time, air conditioning refrigerant makes leaks through joints where various hoses and components are connected. This loss of refrigerant can in turn cause the system to lose the ability to cool.

    car air conditioning system

    Additionally, your car’s air conditioning unit is connected to the rest of your vehicle’s electrical system.  If there’s a problem with your AC, it could cause a problem with the rest of your car, such as poor idling, fuel inefficiencies or drained batteries.  

    Should your AC system stop working completely, our ASE Certified techs will use state of the art equipment to fix the issue.  Plus, Sullivan Tire is offering a $20 coupon on AC service for the rest of the summer!

    AC Coupon

    Call any one of our 66 retail locations throughout New England to set up your appointment today!


    When’s the last time you had your AC checked?

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