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  • Have you taken the time to winterize your vehicle yet? We recommend checking the following:

    1. Tires and Air Pressure
    2. Battery
    3. Belts and Hoses
    4. Radiator
    5. Oil
    6. Brakes
    7. Exhaust System
    8. Heater/Defroster
    9. Wipers and Ignition System.

    Corporate - Safety Winter

    Don’t get stuck out in the cold! Stop by your local Sullivan Tire and we can check any of these items for you! With over 100 Master Technicians on staff – we do it all!

  • Shock absorbers and struts are designed to keep the wheels in contact with the road, improving cornering and braking. Though original equipment shocks have improved in recent years, many are ready for replacement in as few as 30,000 miles.

    Shocks and Struts

    The lifespan of a strut is about double that of a shock. Most people do not notice the gradual deterioration in ride quality and many shocks and struts are not replaced as often as they should be.

    Shocks and struts should be checked every 12,000 miles or when any of these symptoms are noticed:

    • Bouncy or uncomfortable ride
    • excessive body sway when cornering
    • fluid leaks from the shock or strut
    • physical damage to the shock or strut
    • nose dive when braking
    • uneven tire wear
    • tail squat when accelerating

    We install top quality Monroe struts and shocks. If you prefer a different brand we would be happy to get them for you. See our suspension experts for a ride control checkup today!

  • Today’s Mechanical Monday post is all about our Visual Vehicle Inspection (VVI). For your peace of mind, we offer a complimentary Visual Vehicle Inspection to every customer. This service provides a visual inspection in five different categories. It is designed according to the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines.

    MAP provides industry guidelines on vehicle inspection that allow you to make an educated decision on repairs for your vehicle. For more information on MAP please click here.

    Click Image For Printable Version

    Click For a Printable Version of our Visual Vehicle Inspection Form.

    We also offer a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection for $39.95. This service is a thorough inspection of all of your vehicle components. It is performed by an ASE Certified Technician. Again, this is performed under the MAP guidelines.

    Have you ever had a VVI performed on your vehicle? What did you think of the service? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • This month’s Mechanical Monday is all about our best savings on Auto Service: 20% off any and all auto service* from now until August 23rd! 


    While you may know us as the Tire Experts, we’re also fully certified to handle all of your auto service needs. Everything from air conditioning, alignments, batteries, brakes, belts and hoses, computer diagnostics, engine repair, exhaust and emissions, fluid flushes, headlight restoration, oil changes, shocks and struts, and timing belts.

    Call any one of our 66 retail locations for more details. If there’s any mechanical service you’ve been putting off, now is the time to get it done!

    What will you use this amazing discount for? Brakes? A/C? Let us know in the comments!

    *Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer valid 6/14/14 – 6/30/14. Excludes tires, tire services and lifetime alignments. Cannot exceed maximum value of $200.00. 

  • We at Fuel for Thought hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend (even with that uninvited guest Arthur in town…)  While it was a bummer to reschedule some Fourth of July festivities, Arthur was helpful with one thing: pushing out the heat and humidity! That being said, we at Sullivan Tire have a less rainy way to beat the heat while you travel this summer.

    Today’s Mechanical Monday is all about AC repair.  The most obvious system of a faulty air conditioning system would be if your vents are not blowing out cool air. Other symptoms you should be aware of are increased noise coming from the AC, or leaks under  your car.  Over time, air conditioning refrigerant makes leaks through joints where various hoses and components are connected. This loss of refrigerant can in turn cause the system to lose the ability to cool.

    car air conditioning system

    Additionally, your car’s air conditioning unit is connected to the rest of your vehicle’s electrical system.  If there’s a problem with your AC, it could cause a problem with the rest of your car, such as poor idling, fuel inefficiencies or drained batteries.  

    Should your AC system stop working completely, our ASE Certified techs will use state of the art equipment to fix the issue.  Plus, Sullivan Tire is offering a $20 coupon on AC service for the rest of the summer!

    AC Coupon

    Call any one of our 66 retail locations throughout New England to set up your appointment today!


    When’s the last time you had your AC checked?

  • For June’s Mechanical Monday, we’re offering our biggest auto service sale ever! 20% off any and all auto service* from now until June 30th!

    Auto Service Sale


    Call any one of our 66 retail locations for more details. If there’s any mechanical service you’ve been putting off, now is the time to get it done!

    What will you use this amazing discount for? Brakes? A/C? Let us know in the comments!

    *Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer valid 6/14/14 – 6/30/14. Excludes tires, tire services and lifetime alignments. Cannot exceed maximum value of $200.00. 

  • The term “Spring Cleaning” typically refers to our homes and maybe our cubicles, but what about our cars? For this month’s Mechanical Monday, we’re highlighting our Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection, or CVI service, which will ensure your car is in perfect working order for the spring and summer!

    Mechanical Monday CVI

    Our Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection (CVI) is a great way to give your vehicle an overall inspection, so that you know everything is working properly. The CVI helps to catch any issues that you may have encountered over the past winter and includes all of the following:

    Battery Check

    At Sullivan Tire, we don’t just take a peek at your car’s battery; we check the entire charging system. Battery, alternator, drive belt, starter, wires, cables, and your charging systems overall condition.

    Anti Freeze

    Anti freeze is a coolant that absorbs heat from the engine and then dissipates it through the radiator. Draining out the coolant and refilling the system removes dirt and rust particles that can clog up the cooling system and cause problems in winter and summer.

    Check Fluid Levels

    There are many fluids that your vehicle uses to help keep it running properly. Over time these fluids break down and lose the ability to do their job properly. Replacing the fluids and flushing the contaminants out of the system is a very important part of preventative maintenance.


    One of the most important safety features of any vehicle, and they should be checked every 6,000 miles.

    Belts and Hoses

    Rubber belts and hoses are crucial parts that keep your engine running smooth and cool. Belts that are discolored, cracking or missing grooves should be replaced.  Similarly, hoses that are cracked, leaking or soft when squeeze should be replaced.


    Our techs will inspect the overall condition of your tires and check the pressure as well.

    Lights and Wiper Blades

    Visibility is crucial, and so we make sure your lights and blades are in working order.

    Manufacturer’s Recommended Services

    Anything else that your car may need!


    All of this service only costs $39.99! Call any one of our retail locations to make an appointment today!

    Have you completed your spring cleaning this year? What else is included in your spring cleaning routine?

  • Spring is one of the best times to get you car’s alignment checked out, as dealing with potholes and storm-damaged roads from the winter, can change how your car drives and handles the road.  So for April’s Mechanical Monday, we’re focusing on alignments.


    An alignment is the adjustment of the steering and suspension components of your vehicle. A properly aligned car is essential for even tread wear on your tires and precise steering on the road. You should have your alignment checked at least once per year or anytime you have your tires replaced.

    At Sullivan Tire, our ASE certified technicians use Hunter Alignment machines to see if your vehicle requires a two or four-wheel alignment. With our state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide you with a computer printout showing the adjustments that were made to your vehicle.

    The most common adjustable angles are:

    • Toe: refers to the tilted direction of the wheels toward or away from one another when viewed from the front. Tires that “toe-in” point toward one another, “toe out” point away from each other.
    • Camber: refers to the tilt of the wheels toward or away from one another when viewed from the top. Wheels that tilt in toward the vehicle have “negative camber,” wheels that tilt away from the vehicle have “positive camber.”
    • Caster: refers to the angle of the steering axis in relation to an imaginary vertical line through the center of the wheel when viewed from the side. A “positive caster” is when the vertical line is tilted back towards the rear, a “negative caster” tilts forward.
    • Thrust angle: refers to the direction in which the rear wheels are pointed. It is the relationship of all four wheels to each other, as well as their relationship to an imaginary centerline that runs from bumper to bumper.


    These are the most common symptoms of a car that’s out of alignment:

    •  Excessive or uneven tire wear.
    • Steering wheel pulls to the left or right.
    • Feeling of looseness or wandering.
    • Steering wheel vibration or shimmy.
    • Steering wheel is not centered when car is moving straight ahead.


    Checking your alignment at Sullivan Tire is FREE, and the cost of a four-wheel alignment is $89.99.  We also offer a Lifetime Alignment, which costs $199.99 and includes unlimited alignments for the life of your vehicle!


    For more information on our Lifetime Alignment program, or to make an appointment to get checked, you can call any one of our 65 retail locations throughout New England!

    When was the last time you had your vehicle’s alignment checked?

  • Brakes are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle.  They’re also pretty pricey to replace.  So today, we’re going to take a look at what you can do to extend the life of your brakes so your car not only stays safe, but your wallet stays full.


    Your braking system is made up of brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers and brake lines.  The brake pads, linings and rotors push against one another to create the friction that stops your car. There are two types of brakes; disk brakes, and drum brakes. Disk brakes use a flat, disk-shaped metal rotor (hence the name), whereas drum brakes use a wide cylinder that’s open in the back.

    Disc Brake Illustration

    Disc Brake Illustration

    Drum brake illustration

    Drum brake illustration


    If you experience any of these symptoms, you should get your brakes checked out

    • A vibration in the steering wheel when you step on the brake (especially at highway speeds)
    • Your brake light or anti-lock brake light comes on
    • Your vehicle pulls in one direction when applying the brakes
    • A brake pedal that feels soft or fades when you hold it down

    Even if you’re not experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should get your brakes checked every 6,000 miles.


    The price range is broad and it varies for every car. Sometimes you just need new pads, other times you may need much more. The only way to be sure of exactly what you need, and how much it will cost, is to contact any one of our retail locations for an appointment.  Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts in brake repair, and will take the time to explain what exactly needs to be done, and how much it’ll cost.


  • You know that sound? That dreaded sound when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, trying to start your car and hearing that churning that never seems to turn over? 

    With most car parts, like your tires or brakes, you can typically see or feel the wear and tear, letting you know it’s a good time to get it checked out or replaced. With a battery, you typically don’t know there’s trouble until you’re in it. That’s why it’s a good idea to get it checked before it’s too late.

    How often should I get my battery checked?

    We recommend testing your battery once a year, preferably in the fall before the cold weather hits. The first sign of a failing battery is poor cold weather performance.  If the battery struggles to start your vehicle on a cold morning, you should have your battery tested immediately. In many cases your battery may fail with little or no warning. The cold winter months are particularly tough on batteries.

    What is included in a battery check?

    At Sullivan Tire, we don’t just take a peek at your car’s battery; we check the entire charging system. Battery, alternator, drive belt, starter, wires, cables, and your charging systems overall condition.

    How much does a battery check cost?

    Nothing! It’s free until March 31st at Sullivan Tire!

    How much does a new battery cost?

    Usually somewhere in the $99 – $130 range?

    How long does a battery last?

    Anywhere from three to six years depending on use, construction and routine maintenance performed.

    Batteries for sale in our Nashua NH location.

    Batteries for sale in our Nashua NH location.

    Have you ever been stranded due to a dead battery? When is the last time you’ve had your battery checked?