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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Even though the Patriots won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year, we’re still pumped about the game this weekend. Yes we’ve got two talented teams, and the general athleticism on the field that’s exciting, but really, we’re most looking forward to the food. Super Bowl snack food is in a league all it’s own, and we’ll be spending most of our weekend eating our hearts out.

    So, we’ve put together an Instagram contest so we can all feast our eyes on some awesome food.  Upload a picture of your Super Bowl snack with the hashtag #STSuperSnack and tag us @Sullivan_Tire.

    We’ll be randomly drawing the winner on Monday, and the lucky snacker will win a $200 gift card to the Patriots Pro Shop!

    Patriots Pro Shop Gift Card

    What’s on the menu at your Super Bowl party?

  • At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service.  Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    An extra Thank You to Mike at the Sandwich, MA location for taking the time to explain clearly what needed to be done with our car, and even double checking to be sure I understood. Many years ago I had a mechanic tell me “It’s too complicated – you wouldn’t understand.” I now greatly appreciate someone who takes the time to explain.

    – Teresa, January 15, 2014

    2012 Sandwich, MA Location 03

    The Courtesy Shuttle at our Sandwich, MA location.

  • At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service.  Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    Both Dave Velazquez (Manager at Watertown ) and Amanda Szymczuk (of the Call Center) should be commended for their excellent customer service and management of my requests. Excellent experience and one that will bring us back in the future.

  • It seems like only yesterday we were snowed in from Winter Storm Hercules, and now we’ve got Janus heading our way (it seems the weather channel has apparently been brushing up on their Roman mythology).

    We’ve put together this quick Storm Preparation Checklist to help you ready your vehicle for the impending winter weather.

    Winter Storm Prep Infographic

    Click here for more tips on how to keep your car in good shape after a blizzard, and share your favorite tips and tricks in the comment section.

  • Well… that didn’t end the way we wanted it to. We knew it would be a tough game, but we had hoped that our Patriots would win against the Broncos. Even our Resident Jet’s Fan thought Brady would beat out Peyton Manning,

    But alas, we will not be competing for our fourth Super Bowl ring this year. Instead, it will be the Seahawks and Broncos.

    As the Boston Globe’s Shalise Manza Young points out, the Patriots just couldn’t overcome the Broncos last night. From a less than energetic offense, old injuries, and the controversial Wes Welker pick play against Aqib Talib, the Patriot’s couldn’t adjust to what the Broncos threw at them.

    From’s Ben Volin:

    Belichick’s defense hardly laid a finger on Manning — not only zero sacks, but also zero quarterback hits on 43 pass attempts. Manning appropriately carved up the Patriots’ defense for 400 passing yards, two touchdowns, and an almost 75 percent completion rate, and Belichick’s defense couldn’t figure out any way to stop him.

    The Broncos gained 507 total yards — the most allowed by the Patriots all season — made seven of 13 third-down conversions, and held onto the ball for 35:10. After punting on their first possession, the Broncos scored two touchdowns and kicked four field goals on their next six.

    Well, we’ve always got our Bruins!


    What are your thoughts on the game? Did you think we would win, or were we lucky to even get to the playoffs? Will you even watch the Super Bowl?

  • With the Patriots heading into a playoff game against the Broncos this weekend, we have yet another Brady vs Manning match up.  Today, we’ve got a special guest post from Tara (of Sullivan Tire’s Marketing Department), to give us her take on what to expect this weekend. 

    Photo Credit: NFL

    As the resident Jets fan, it’s very hard for me to see the Patriots heading off to the AFC Championship game again, making a Super Bowl run again, but you have to hand it to Tom Brady and the Patriots; they really are elite performers when it comes to the playoffs.  They are the crème de la crème of the postseason.

    Living in New England, with the Jets almost never being a factor when it comes to playoffs, the Brady/Manning showdown is something that a fan of a team with a quarterback problem can only dream about.  (You mean fans actually stand behind their quarterbacks?)  The excitement of seeing two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, with a decade long rivalry, battling it out is something that you don’t always get to see with these types of elimination playoffs.  This may be one of the best football playoffs in years.

    Even though I’m behind Manning (sorry!), it pains me to say that I don’t feel confident that the team to beat Brady and the Patriots is Manning and the Broncos.  And you know what?  I should be worried.  No offense to Peyton Manning, but let’s be honest here.  Brady and the Patriots are postseason heroes.  Brady makes his team perform at a higher level, and nowhere is this especially true than against Peyton Manning.

    Since 2001, Brady has beat Manning 10 out of the 14 times when they have met in the regular and postseason, with Brady winning 2 out of the 3 postseason meetings against Manning.

    In terms of Super Bowl appearances, Super Bowl wins, and overall playoff wins, there is just no beating Tom Brady, darn it!  Brady has twice as many playoff wins as Manning, 3 Super Bowl rings in comparison to Manning’s 1, and 5 Super Bowl appearances compared to Manning’s 2.

    The only hope I have to go on is that since 2005, Manning and Brady have performed almost identically in the postseason.  According to Gary Davenport over at Bleacher Report, after Brady’s first 10 playoff games, Brady is 8-7 in his next 15 playoff games; Manning is 7-6.  (Alright, it isn’t much, but it’s really all I have. That and maybe the nice 60 degree weather in Denver will favor Manning.)

    Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see, but one thing is for certain: Monday morning’s mood will be dependent on the fate of the Patriots, especially this lone Sullivan Tire Jets fan.


    Do you think the Patriots will make it to the Super Bowl this year? Any game score predictions? Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • We can’t stop talking about LeGarrette Blount’s epic performance from Saturday’s Patriots game against the Colts. To celebrate the win, and keep ourselves pumped up for this weekends game, we’re offering you the chance to win a Blount jersey!

    Photo: Like this photo to enter to win a FREE LeGarrette Blount jersey! (size XL)For an extra entry, share your favorite play of Saturday’s game below! GO PATS!


    Head over to our Facebook Page and like the photo of Blount’s jersey for a chance to win. To gain an extra entry, share your favoriate play in the comment section.

    We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, so good luck!


  • Now that the storm weather has been properly dealt with, it may seem as though our commuting troubles are over. However, we live in New England and nothing weather-wise will ever be simple. Hence today’s post on potholes.

    Photo Credit: AP


    Potholes occur most often during the winter and spring, when the freezing and thawing of pavement is much more frequent. Over time, the freeze/thaw cycle causes pavement to crack and then deteriorate under the stress of traffic, giving way to potholes.


    If you happen to hit a really nasty pothole, you can do some serious damage to your suspension system, tires, and wheels; all of which affect how your car handles the road.  If you’ve hit a few potholes or are concerned about damage, come into any Sullivan Tire to get your vehicle checked out.


    Public Works road crews do a great job repairing potholes on the road, but sometimes they need your help finding areas to be fixed. Many cities have created ways for constituents to report potholes to their Public Works department where. For example, in Boston, you can call the Mayor’s 24 Hour Hotline (617-635-4500), make an online service request, or use the Citizens Connect App.


    How do avoid pothole damage? Have you reported a pothole to your city officials? Are there any other ways to alert Public Works to areas that need repairs? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  • This month, you have the chance win big during the Sullivan Tire Bruins Dream Day Sweepstakes!

    Bruins Dream Day Sweepstakes

    Enter for the chance to win 2 NESN Luxury Suite tickets to see the Bruins vs Capitals game on March 6, 2014 at the TD Garden. Plus, the winner will get to hang out with NESN’s Bruin’s broadcast team and have a private meet and greet with Bruin’s forward Gregory Campbell!

    Click here to read the official rules and enter to win!

    Will you take a chance on winning this awesome prize? Who are you bringing to the game if you win?


  • Nothing like a winter blizzard to make you wish for spring… and at our Sullivan Tire Headquarters, we’ve already got a countdown to Spring Training (56 days til the first game!)

    As big Red Sox fans, we’ve traveled down to jetBlue Park at Fenway South in Fort Meyers for the past 10 years for Spring Training. Typically we catch the St. Patrick’s Day game and hand out our popular Red Sox Magnets to fellow fans.

    Fenway South 01

    Magnet Board Photos Only

    Last year, we went down to Spring Training early to film some TV spots with Dustin Pedroia, which you can view on our YouTube channel.  We also got some great behind the scenes footage of one of the stars relaxing on set…

    There’s a lot of fun and excitement that goes into Spring Training, and we’re happy to get a jump start on counting down the days (it’s more fun than shoveling…) You can keep up with our countdown to Spring Training by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report on February 15, with position players reporting on February 18th.  For more information on Red Sox spring training, and ticket information, please click here.

    Have you ever been to a Spring Training game? Are you going this year?