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  • At least at Sullivan Tire. We’re extending our Buy 3 Get 1 Free sale on Goodyear Assurance and Wrangler SR-A Tires until the end of the month!

    Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max and Wrangler SR-A

    Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max and Wrangler SR-A

    Plus, we’ve got our Buy 3 Get 1 Free on all Yokohama tires AND our Sullivan Tire Value Line for the entire month of April.  So, you’ve got the chance to get a free tire this month, from three different brands! Only at Sullivan Tire!

    Call our tire experts or visit any of our retail locations to find out which brand is best for your vehicle. Do you need new tires? Will you be getting a free tire at Sullivan Tire this month?

  • Monday will be the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon. This year, the Boston Marathon carries a significance and a strength for a city that recently marked the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

    From WBUR’s Alex Ashlock’s coverage of the event:

    The day was marked with an emotional tribute event at the Hynes Convention Center. The people killed were remembered, along with the survivors and the first responders. “This day will always be hard,” said former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. “It will never be easy to gather so close to that finish line. It will never be easy to be so close to that place where our lives broke apart.

    A few of our employees have run or volunteered at the Marathon in years past, and last year was no exception.  John Drewniak, manager of our Plymouth, MA location, was kind enough share his experience of running last year, as well as his mindset going into this year’s marathon.

    I’ve been running since I was 12 years old. I ran a middle school race and would train with my dad every year for the Turkey Trot.   Last year was my first year running the Boston Marathon. I’d run a few marathons before – I’d done Vermont City a couple of times and the Bay State marathon – but I’ve got a bad knee, so the Boston Marathon was supposed to be my last marathon.

    As I passed the Fenway area during my race, I thought of all the memories I had of watching the race with dad and grandfather. When reaching the final stretch of the race, I was thinking about how excited I was to see all my friends and family at the finish line.

    I finished the race, and saw my family, friends and members of the Sullivan Tire team who were volunteering. We went to go get a beer, and I hugged my mom, and then I saw something go off over my mom’s shoulder while we were celebrating.

    It went from being one of the best days of my life to the scariest.

    After the second explosion went off, it was just chaos.  People were running every which way, colliding with each other. Since I’d just finished running the marathon, I couldn’t really think straight, so I just followed my father, and we started searching for friends and family members.

    This year’s marathon is an important day for the city.  It’s a historic day. It’s about healing, the survivors, and the first responders that stepped up. It’s one of those things where the purpose of the attack was to deter people from racing, but after what happened, there was no question I would run again this year.

    I couldn’t let my experience last year be the way that it ended.

    There are a lot of different thoughts going into this year’s marathon.  I’m running for the people that were injured or killed, and also for the people who are suffering because they were there, and witnessed the bombing.

    Despite the tragedy, you saw the good in people, and that should be celebrated this year.


    This year, John is running to raise money for South Shore Hospital. If you’d like to donate to his efforts, please click here.  Mark Sullivan of the Marketing Department, who has run the Boston Marathon in years past, is also raising funds for the South Shore Hospital. His donation page can be found here.

    We are so proud of their dedication and we can’t wait to celebrate with them, and the rest of the city, on Marathon Monday.

  • At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service.  Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    My aunt who is in her 80′s has gone to Sullivan Tire three times in the last month because she can’t fill her tires with due to physical problems. Gas stations will not do this for her. She had a slow leak and they crew at Lynn eventually replaced her tire. The guys at Sullivan Tire in Lynn are excellent. They helped her each time with a great attitude. Good job, guys in Lynn MA!

    Suzanne M., February 14, 2014

    2012 Lynn, MA Blood Drive 02

    A picture from our 2012 Red Cross Blood Drive in Lynn, MA.


  • Have you checked your air pressure lately?

    You should check your tire pressure once a month and before every long trip to ensure that your tires are doing everything they are supposed to do. Driving on an under inflated tire will cause wear and tear on the outside edges, while driving on over-inflated tires will result in excessive wear on the center tread.

    The correct pressure for your tires is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and is listed on the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box door or fuel door. It is also listed in the owner’s manual. The maximum inflation pressure listed on the tire is not the recommended pressure.

    You can always have your tire air pressure checked and adjusted for FREE at any Sullivan Tire retail location!

    When’s the last time you checked your tire’s air pressure?

  • At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service.  Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    I just wanted to say that Sterling at the Billerica, MA location was the most helpful, polite, and pleasant man I could have come across. He helped me understand everything and was patient and very kind. This is an industry that has a lurking cloud of being able to “pull the wool over your eyes”; especially with women. I just have to say that I do not by any means think that happened or was even a thought. And frankly, if that was case, Sterling made a hellish experience so easy and understandable with OUTSTANDING customer service I would gladly be giving this location my money anyway!

    Thank you so much to not only Sterling but the staff at the Billerica location. I look forward to having the work done this week and only have the expectation of the work meeting my experience today. I look forward to working with you all in the future as well.

    Thank you thank you thank you so much again for everything. Truly my gratitude is beyond words and I think you exceed the saying on the wall about treating your customer’s like family. Well done.

    Leah, January 24, 2014


  • Spring is one of the best times to get you car’s alignment checked out, as dealing with potholes and storm-damaged roads from the winter, can change how your car drives and handles the road.  So for April’s Mechanical Monday, we’re focusing on alignments.


    An alignment is the adjustment of the steering and suspension components of your vehicle. A properly aligned car is essential for even tread wear on your tires and precise steering on the road. You should have your alignment checked at least once per year or anytime you have your tires replaced.

    At Sullivan Tire, our ASE certified technicians use Hunter Alignment machines to see if your vehicle requires a two or four-wheel alignment. With our state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide you with a computer printout showing the adjustments that were made to your vehicle.

    The most common adjustable angles are:

    • Toe: refers to the tilted direction of the wheels toward or away from one another when viewed from the front. Tires that “toe-in” point toward one another, “toe out” point away from each other.
    • Camber: refers to the tilt of the wheels toward or away from one another when viewed from the top. Wheels that tilt in toward the vehicle have “negative camber,” wheels that tilt away from the vehicle have “positive camber.”
    • Caster: refers to the angle of the steering axis in relation to an imaginary vertical line through the center of the wheel when viewed from the side. A “positive caster” is when the vertical line is tilted back towards the rear, a “negative caster” tilts forward.
    • Thrust angle: refers to the direction in which the rear wheels are pointed. It is the relationship of all four wheels to each other, as well as their relationship to an imaginary centerline that runs from bumper to bumper.


    These are the most common symptoms of a car that’s out of alignment:

    •  Excessive or uneven tire wear.
    • Steering wheel pulls to the left or right.
    • Feeling of looseness or wandering.
    • Steering wheel vibration or shimmy.
    • Steering wheel is not centered when car is moving straight ahead.


    Checking your alignment at Sullivan Tire is FREE, and the cost of a four-wheel alignment is $89.99.  We also offer a Lifetime Alignment, which costs $199.99 and includes unlimited alignments for the life of your vehicle!


    For more information on our Lifetime Alignment program, or to make an appointment to get checked, you can call any one of our 65 retail locations throughout New England!

    When was the last time you had your vehicle’s alignment checked?

  •  #tbt to Spring Training at JetBlue Park in Ft. Meyers, FL!

    #tbt to Spring Training at JetBlue Park in Ft. Meyers, FL!

    On the eve of Opening Day at Fenway Park, we’re remembering one of our favorite pictures from our trip to Spring Training. This #tbt of Wally at JetBlue’s Fenway Park South was taken during the St. Patrick’s Day game and it perfectly combines two of our favorite things; the Red Sox and being Irish!

    Sullivan Tire has been traveling to Spring Training for the past 10 years. This year, we continued the tradition of inviting our friends from Ablevision along too. Here’s what they had to say about this year’s trip:

    “We had an awesome tour of JetBlue Park and we visited a manatee park too! Although no manatees were seen, we did see a lot of birds and fish jumping out of the water.

    Kemar and Steve interviewed a bunch of fans outside of the game, and Kemar threw out the first pitch! It was really nice to be in 80 degree weather, coming from below freezing in Boston.

    We got to hang out with Dustin Pedoria for a bit, and sit in on a Q&A session with NESN’s Don Orsillo.

    Sullivan Tire has been sponsoring our trip for five years in a row, and we bring down different people every year. The crew loves it, and they come home with great memories every time.

    Will you be wearing your Red Sox gear tomorrow? Are you going to the game? Let us know in the comments!


  • At Sullivan Tire, we pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best; from quality products, to technical skill, and unbeatable customer service.  Whenever we hear from our customers letting us know we’ve done just that, it makes our day. So every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a customer comment that made us proud to be a part of the Sullivan Tire Team.

    Just wanted to offer my compliments to your staff at the Sullivan Tire in Stratham, NH. I’ve had a faulty tire sensor and had to visit a number of times. Each visit, I’ve been met with great customer service. A specific thank you to Joe and Gregg for taking the time to complete a thorough repair, offer me a full explanation, and do it all with a smile.

    Brigid, February 13, 2014

    From a Stratham Customer Appreciation event in 2011.

    From a Stratham Customer Appreciation event in 2011.

  • Do you love cars and solving problems? Are you a “people person” or interested in sales? Do you need a job or want a career change? Why not work at Sullivan Tire?

    We’ll be holding a Career Fair on Thursday, April 10th from 6pm – 8pm at our Sandwich, MA retail location (located at 368 Route 130). There will be information about retail career opportunities, and we’ll be holding on site interviews for mechanics and service writers, as well as counter sales!

    Career Fair April 2014

    Sullivan Tire was founded in 1955 on the principle of “treat everyone, customers and fellow employees, as you would a member of your family.” And nearly 60 years later, founder Bob Sullivan’s one stop shop has grown into a family of over a thousand employees and locations all over New England.

    Our retail division is comprised of more than 500 Automotive Technicians and over 100 Master Technicians. Sullivan Tire is committed to providing our technicians with the best training in the industry, as well as comprehensive benefits.

    For more information on careers and benefits, please visit our website, or feel free to call  our Sandwich store with any questions.

    Will we be seeing you at the career fair next week?

  • Spring has sprung, and so has a month of big tire savings at Sullivan Tire! Beginning today and for the entire month of April, we’re offering our customers a multitude of Buy 3, Get 1 Free opportunities and manufacturer rebates!

    There’s a $70 Continental rebate plus a $40 Sullivan instant rebate, which runs through April 4th.

     Continental Spring 2014

    For your Goodyear fans, we’ve got an additional Buy 3 Get 1 Free on the Goodyear Assurance line and the Goodyear SR-A line.  That includes the Goodyear Assurance Fuel MaxAssurance ComforTredAssurance TripleTred, and Goodyear Wrangler SR-A. This great sale will run until April 5th.

    And finally, beginning today and lasting the entire month of April, we’ve got a Buy 3 Get 1 Free on all Yokohama tires and Sullivan Tire Value Line tires! 

    Buy 3 Get FREE



    So, to recap:

    • $70 Continental rebate, plus $40 instant Sullivan Tire rebate (ends April 4th)
    • Buy 3 Get 1 Free on Goodyear Assurance and SR-A lines (ends April 5th)
    • Buy 3 Get 1 Free on all Yokohama and Sullivan Tire value line tires (ends April 30th)

    Call any one of our 66 locations or ask our Tire Experts which tires are best for you!


    Will you be taking advantage of this awesome month of sales? Do you have any questions about the different brands we have on sale? Let us know in the comments!